Hi all, I will kick off this blog by briefly talking about my background and the purpose of the blog. I am a retired professional online poker player. And by retired I mean i played over 62000 games of poker over the last 3 years and got tired of it so I stopped playing! I was a top 20 ranked player across all sites in 2012, up to 100$ buy in, and have made 6 digit profits in my poker career. I got pretty burned out by the stress of playing poker so I currently do telemetry data analysis for the biggest vending company in my region. I have been an avid UFC fan for quite a long time, at least 7 years. I decided that I would combine my mathematical and logic based poker skills into betting on UFC fights. I have zero experience in betting online outside of poker. I was a specialist, I played poker and nothing but poker. This blog will be about my journey from the very beginning. Next entry, I research sites and deposit bonuses to maximize my first entry EV(poker term, expected value) into the world of sports betting.